Physicians & Researchers

Since its foundation in 2022, a primary goal of the TRND Network has been to empower physicians and researchers around the world to relentlessly advance our understanding and treatment of TCF7L2-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Physicians and researchers can join the TRND’s Physician & Researcher Community to gain access to all resources in this section.


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We are committed to engaging with the entire TRND community. If you are a researcher or physician, please join our network.

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Continuously updated resources including full-print versions of recent TRND publications, neurobiological information on TCF7L2 function, and clinical resources.

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Collaborate with Us

Find out more about the multiple ways you can help us find a cure for TRND. Our global network is making progress towards this goal through patient registry, sample donations, raising funding, and connecting people to come up with new ideas. Also, learn more about the Simon Searchlight Registry.

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