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The TRND Network is dedicated to supporting patients and their loved ones. Learn more about our vision and goals.

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What is TRND?

Find out more about TRND, including the signs, symptoms, and causes.

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Our Story

The TRND network was founded in 2022 with the purpose of supporting patients and their loved ones through encouraging research and community.

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Join our Simons Searchlight registry so that we can work together to gain a clearer picture of TRND.

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It is extremely important that we engage with all members of the TRND community. If you are a patient, loved one, researcher or physician, please join our network!

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Finding out your child may have TRND can be scary or confusing, but you don't have to feel alone in your journey. Find support and connect with others who are affected by this disorder.

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Physicians and Researchers

If you are a researcher or physician, learn how you can make a difference in advancing our understanding of TRND.

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The TCF7L2-related Neurodevelopmental Disorder (TRND) Network is dedicated to supporting patients and their loved ones by providing advocacy and support, advancing research, and creating collaboration between researchers and patients.

Supporting one another

Providing resources and community for TRND patients and loved ones

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Innovative Approach

Using expertise of scientists around the world to find our answers

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Understanding the Disorder

Learning more about TRND

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Join our network of patients & loved ones or physicians & researchers

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